Introducing our SUNSPOT BELO modular Carports with PV. As manufacturers with our own design team and technical know-how, we have created SUNSPOT BELO Carports that not only meet high functional standards, but also represent quality in the field of photovoltaic technology.

A combination of advanced technology and functionality.

office buildings

shopping centres

parking at family houses

Public car parks

Bus stations

Leisure and sports complexes


Flexible modular system for every space

Our Carports are designed with a modular approach, allowing flexible solutions from 2 to dozens of vehicles, even in a mirror arrangement. No matter the size of your parking space or your specific needs, we have a solution to fit your needs.


An investment in the future and your company's calling card

Adapt to new trends with our innovative Carports that combine technological advances with practicality. Join the energy revolution and ensure your energy independence with our photovoltaic solutions. In addition, a Carport on your company premises is a clear signal of your commitment to environmental protection and the promotion of decarbonisation. It will become a great business card to underline your efforts for a greener future.


The main role of Solar Carports:

  1. Power generation: the most obvious and important function of a solar carport is power generation. PV panels on the roof of the carport can supply energy to the grid or power nearby buildings, electric vehicle charging stations and other equipment.
  2. Vehicle protection: just like traditional carports, solar carports provide cover for vehicles and protect them from sun, rain and snow.
  3. Support for electromobility: solar carports can be integrated with charging stations for electric vehicles, allowing the energy generated to be used to charge vehicles.






Solar Carport Side Roles:

  1. Rainwater capture: as you mentioned, some solar carports can be designed to capture and collect rainwater, which can then be used for irrigation or other purposes.
  2. Heat island reduction: In addition to providing shade, solar carports can reduce the urban heat island effect by reducing the amount of solar radiation absorbed by the parking lot.
  3. UV protection: the PV panels on the carport can block harmful UV rays that can damage the surface of cars and cause them to age faster.
  4. Aesthetics and architectural benefit: Solar carports can be aesthetically appealing and represent a modern architectural feature that reflects a commitment to sustainability.
  5. Economic savings: in addition to energy production, solar carports can provide economic savings through reduced electricity bills and possible subsidies or tax breaks for the installation of renewable energy sources.
  6. Environmental impact: solar carports reduce dependence on fossil fuels and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Photovoltaic carports therefore offer a number of benefits that go beyond the traditional function of a parking space.

    Inquire about the Photovoltaic Carport free of charge and without obligation.

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