Solar Workshop Office Container.

SWOK BELO is not only a key element in the start of your construction project, but also becomes your indispensable partner throughout the entire construction process, whatever you are building.


The essential companion for your construction projects

We are proud to present our own innovation – a mobile container that we designed and manufactured ourselves. It is strategically divided into three key areas: workshops, offices and photovoltaics.

This thoughtful combination offers an efficient and self-sufficient facility for your construction site, bringing a level of comfort that every company will appreciate. With a photovoltaic output of 5.16 kWp and a battery capacity of 8 kWh, the SWOK provides enough energy for all your needs without being connected to the external power grid.


Workshop part (WORKSHOP)

Our workshop offers comprehensive equipment:

  • Storage spaces for materials
  • Ponk, wide range of fastener boxes
  • Practical tool holders
  • Cable unwinding equipment
  • Wipe dispenser and first aid kit for your safety
  • Robust, durable racks with LineX coating, which provides high scratch resistance and rust prevention
  • Integrated lights for safe handling and electrical sockets for workshop work
  • Double leaf doors for efficient material handling

Have everything you need at your fingertips and solve all technical challenges efficiently.


Office part (OFFICE)

  • Space equipped with a window (90 x 60 cm) for natural light
  • Metal door (200 x 90 cm) for easy access
  • Kitchen area for your snacks
  • Comfortable office desk and chair for efficient work

Solar System (PV)

With an output of 5.16 kWp and a battery capacity of 8 kWh, this container provides enough energy for all current consumption.

Ask SWOK BELO without obligation and free of charge.

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