Photovoltaics for business

Put your energy future in your own hands with commercial renewable solutions.

Photovoltaic power plant without battery storage

With solar systems, you produce your own energy, which you consume immediately, and you can send the overflow directly to the grid. With this technology, you reduce your electricity purchase costs.

There are no emissions during operation and online monitoring for ease of use.

Photovoltaic power plant with battery storage

Solar panels also produce energy during company shutdowns and in situations where electricity consumption drops. You can take advantage of this and store excess solar energy in battery storage for more energy-intensive periods. This is called “Peak Shifting”.

Thanks to the energy stored in this way, your operation will not be threatened by power cuts from the grid and the batteries will replace other non-environmental sources, e.g. diesel power plants.

Another option for using stored electricity is charging stations for electric cars, directly in the company car park. This energy can also be used as a nice employee bonus.


Whether it’s a domestic or commercial installation, solar panels are one of the most flexible and cost-effective renewable solutions. If your business is pursuing a future net-zero solar PV, it will help remove uncertainty from the energy pricing market.

With a life cycle of more than 25 years, solar PV is not only cost-effective but also low-maintenance. When used in conjunction with battery storage systems, a business can truly imagine an energy-independent future.


BELO SOLAR POWER provides unique turnkey renewable energy solutions, including consulting, design and engineering of photovoltaic power plants. Our team can help you with planning, financing to sales, installation and commissioning.

Ground-mounted solar photovoltaics offer several advantages over other solar options, most notably producing utility-scale power and the potential for expansion if land and infrastructure allow. BELO SOLAR POWER has some of the leading consultants and renewable energy specialists to help you maximize the energy yield from any ground-mounted installation.

We use quality components and provide the best on the market.


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