Design activities for your photovoltaic projects.

We understand the unique needs and demands of each project, especially when it comes to photovoltaics. When a standard solution is not enough, we are here to bring you a tailored solution.


Invent - Draw - Make

It is not always easy to find the perfect design solution for a PV system, especially if you have specific requirements or challenges related to the installation site. Our experienced design team is ready to work with you to create the optimal design to meet your exact needs.


Manufacture of structural and stainless steel structures

Not only do we design the structure to your exact requirements, but we also guarantee its quality production. We are specialists in the production of structural steels type S235 and S350, as well as stainless steels type 1.4301 and 1.4404. All these materials guarantee high durability and long life of our products.


Surface treatment

For outdoor use, we offer structural steel structures with a surface treatment – hot-dip galvanizing, which ensures long-term corrosion resistance. If you are interested in a specific colour design, we offer the option of painting according to the RAL using metallic zinc, which increases the durability and aesthetic value of your solution.

From start to finish, we are here to help you make your PV project a reality.

Invest in quality and reliability. With us, you get a comprehensive service and the assurance that your photovoltaic system will have a solid, durable and aesthetically perfect foundation.

At BELO SOLAR POWER s.r.o. we believe that the sun is not only the source of life, but also the source of the energy of the future. Contact us for more information or to start the process of designing a PV system for your business.

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