Scalable and flexible battery storage that puts you in control of your energy future.

Our dependence on fossil fuels is decreasing year by year, but the European Union is many decades away from net zero. Although renewable energy generation is a top priority for energy providers, changing the infrastructure in 100 years’ time will require significant financial investment. With investors still expecting a dividend, your energy bills will skyrocket in the coming years.

The only way to ensure your business controls its energy costs is to invest in your energy future – now. As your renewable energy professional, BELO SOLAR POWER will help you plan, implement and manage your commercial solar PV and energy storage system (ESS). Our team will ensure you maximise the energy you generate and store, reduce the amount of energy you buy from the grid and manage any surplus energy you sell back to the grid.


BELO SOLAR POWER has been working with clients across a variety of sectors for many years. Our team of renewable experts has overseen projects that generate and store their own electricity to help you manage your carbon neutral future.

We provide turnkey commercial battery storage solutions with a dedicated project manager every step of the way. We’ll assess your capabilities and tailor a solution that works for your business now and in the future.


The ability to store renewable energy is a game changer for businesses around the world. The evolution of commercial battery storage solutions allows organizations to control their energy now as they plan for the future.

Installing on-site battery storage solutions offers your business the ability to store and discharge electricity to meet demand, and potentially operate independently of the grid with backup power when demand is high.

Example BESS diagrams

Example BESS diagram
Example BESS diagram

All in one outdoor battery storage 100 kW / 215 kWh

Cabinet All-in-one solution is a versatile commercial and industrial energy storage solution.

This facility integrates several key components, including an inverter for energy storage, a battery, a battery management system (BMS), an energy management system (EMS), thermal management, power distribution, cooling and fire protection.

Designed for easy installation and maintenance, the system features a safety design that provides better performance and longer battery life. The entire system is housed in several cabinets.

Outdoor cabinet all in one solution


Maximum use of solar energy: the BESS ensures maximum use of solar energy. It can store excess energy from PV panels during the day and use it at optimal times, allowing you to get the most economic effect from your solar system.

Back-up power supply for continuous operation
The BESS serves as a reliable back-up power supply in the event of a grid failure. This means that your business can continue to operate in the event of an emergency, which is crucial for uninterrupted operations.

Top efficiency
BESS helps to optimise electricity costs. With the ability to balance peak demand, you can achieve maximum savings during periods of higher tariffs.

Quick response
BESS reacts to changes immediately, ensuring stability of your energy supply and allowing flexible operation.

Mains voltage protection
The BESS maintains a constant voltage on the network, ensuring trouble-free operation of sensitive equipment.

Reducing the load on the distribution network
The combination of PV and BESS reduces the load on the distribution network, lightens it and increases its reliability, which minimizes interruptions.

Backup storage
The BESS allows energy to be stored for emergencies, helping to increase the security of the energy supply.

Long-term sustainability
The combination of PV and BESS promotes sustainable energy and reduced CO2 emissions, which is very beneficial for the environment.

Backup power supply for continuous operation
The BESS serves as a reliable backup power source in the event of a grid failure. This means that your business can continue to operate in the event of an emergency, which is crucial for uninterrupted operations.

High efficiency
The combination of PV and BESS maximizes the performance and efficiency of your solar system, which means additional savings and a quick return on investment.

Power balance – flexibility, spot market trading

Power Balance Service (Flexibility): the combination of PV and BESS opens the door to efficient power management and energy supply to the grid. This means that not only do we store the excess energy from the PV panels, but we can also sell it to the grid under favourable conditions. This unique power balancing service allows us to become an active participant in the flexibility market, opening the way to active spot trading of electricity in the flexibility market.

This innovative service will not only allow you to reduce your electricity costs and increase the reliability of your energy supply, but also create a new source of income. Your PV and BESS will not only be an investment in your company’s energy efficiency, but will also become an active player in the energy market, which can bring additional revenue and accelerate your return on investment.

This combination of benefits allows you to use solar power efficiently and generate revenue, making it a great investment decision for your business. Your PV and BESS will be a valued asset that will bring you much more than just savings.

Modular and mobile OFF-ON GRID PV power plants BELO

Solutions not only for extreme situations

Welcome to the fully modular future of PVE systems and BESS solutions. Our modular-mobile OFF-ON GRID containerized power plants are highly configurable with the ability to continuously adjust solar, battery and inverter capacity to optimally serve your energy needs from 19.62 kWp to 1 MWp and beyond.

We offer complete photovoltaic power plant design services. Suitable for e.g.: greenfield development projects, hotels in mountainous areas and areas without grid connection.

Ask for battery storage free of charge and without obligation.

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