K.EY – The Energy Transition in Rimini, Italy

10. 4. 2023

On 22.3.2023 our company BELO SOLAR POWER presented at the K.EY- The Energy Transition in Rimini, Italy, the modular mobile off-on grid containerized photovoltaic power plant, BELO.

K.EY - The Energy Transition in Rimini, Italy

K.EY – The Energy Transition in Rimini, Italy

BELO power plant is the solution in crisis situations such as tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, wherever the power supply from the grid fails due to a natural disaster.

They fully replace diesel power plants and are thus a reliable support for all IZS and Army units. This is also why the BELO power plant met with great interest and positive feedback from both energy industry experts and government delegations and NGOs at the fair. BELO power plants are highly configurable, with the ability to continuously adjust solar, battery and inverter capacity to optimally serve your energy needs from 19.62 kW to 1 MWp and beyond. The design solution is patented and is the intellectual property of BELO SOLAR POWER®.

Within the European Union it is protected by certificate no. 15005767. We are delighted with the great interest and hope to meet again soon.