Membership in associations and societies

To stay on the cutting edge and informed about the latest trends and advances in our industry, we are proud members of the following professional associations.

The Czech Solar Association (CSA) represents the solar industry in the Czech Republic with the aim of supporting its development, lobbying for a favourable legislative environment, informing and educating the public about solar energy, organising educational and networking events and promoting best practices in the solar industry.

The main mission of the Czech Photovoltaic Association (CFA) is to promote and develop the use of photovoltaic energy as a natural renewable resource. To fulfill this mission, the association collects and disseminates professional information about photovoltaics, organizes professional seminars and training, promotes the idea of photovoltaic energy, actively works to improve legislation in the field, supports its members in the practical use of photovoltaics, publishes in the field and represents the association both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The Guild of Energy Storage and Photovoltaics (CAFT) is dedicated to promoting, developing and promoting the benefits of energy storage and photovoltaic technologies. It represents the interests of its members in legislative issues, informs the public about the potential of these technologies, organizes professional trainings and seminars, cooperates with other organizations in the field of renewable energy sources and supports research and innovation in storage and photovoltaics.

Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic (CC CR) is primarily dedicated to representing the interests of Czech entrepreneurs at the national and international level, supports the competitiveness of the Czech economy, engages in the legislative process to improve conditions for business, provides its members with consulting and information services, organizes educational events and networking opportunities, and strives to develop business relationships and promote innovation in the field of business.