7th prestigious solar conference

29. 5. 2023

The biggest event of the year dedicated to solar energy and storage

In the field of photovoltaics, we are really trying to be professionals, so we are looking forward to the important information we will definitely get at the conference and we will definitely not miss it.

The energy market is changing, and not only because of the war and raw material dependence on Russia. We need to adapt to the energy situation and do our utmost for energy self-sufficiency.

The seventh edition of the largest Czech conference focused on photovoltaics and storage will respond to this situation and will provide information on long-awaited legislative innovations that will facilitate the construction of new photovoltaic power plants, the creation of energy communities, electricity sharing and the expansion of PV on the roofs of residential buildings. There will be information on new trends in storage and agrivoltaics, installation quality, grid connection, fire protection and phase-by-phase metering.

The conference will be attended by representatives of ministries, the Energy Regulatory Office, CEPS, producers and electricity traders. We will be happy to share this knowledge with you in the coming days. Follow us on our social networks.